A green village

Saving energy isn’t just about being environmentally friendly; it’s an effective way to save money. Changes need only be small and simple to make significant financial savings.

Grants and Assistance for Energy Efficiency Improvements

Nest is the energy efficiency scheme funded by the Welsh Government to help low income households reduce their energy bills by providing free wall and loft insulation and replacement central heating boilers. It trvis available to home-owners and tenants in private rented homes who are in receipt of a means tested benefit. 

Home Improvement Loans

Monmouthshire and Newport councils have low cost loans available which can be used for energy efficiency improvements, with the savings being used to help repay the loan.

Oil Clubs

If you use oil then see if there is an oil buying club in your area where neighbours club together to negotiate batter prices for a bulk order.

Help with paying water bills

The WaterSure and HelpU schemes assist low income households that need to use lots of water, and those with incomes of less that £12,500.

For more information contact Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru or visit their website at www.dwrcymru.com.

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