Andrew Agency Director.jpgAndrew David– Agency Director
Andrew’s career has been in the energy business having spent 34 years with SWALEC and then taking up his current position with the Energy Agency. His final position with SWALEC was Network Utilisation Manager where a key part of his role involved promoting energy efficiency and smart metering as a means of reducing energy consumption and changing the time of use, as an alternative to expensive rebuilding of overloaded sections of the distribution network.

Whilst with SWALEC he spent time working as the UK’s representative with the International Energy Agency developing intelligent meters, in-home communications and home automation in a consortium with several other European partners and Australia. This work was the fore-runner of the current Smart Meter roll-out in the UK.

Andrew transformed the original local Cardiff Energy Advice Centre into a Regional Energy Agency relocating to Newport 14 years ago and now forming part of the European Energy Agency network. During this time it has advised over 282,000 householders and provided grants to make 28,000 homes more energy efficient, which has resulted in cumulative energy savings of £14.5 Million.

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