Meet the Team: Five Questions for. . .

Name: Kirsty Oram

A typical day for Kirsty!

Position: Project Officer


Tell us how you got here:

I have always lived in Newport, apart for 4 years (2007-2011) when I moved to Aberystwyth to complete my Law Degree. I then moved back home, completing my LPC in Cardiff University and then going into various legal positions. However, working within a law firm did not give me the satisfaction I wanted, so I looked to find a job where I was not only out of the office on a regular basis, but also where I was able to help people. A friend showed me the advert for a Project Officer at the Energy Agency, I applied and within 2 weeks I started.


What do you like most about your job?

There’s so much to love! My colleagues always make me laugh on a daily basis and without sounding corny, have become an extended family! Our personalities work well together so the office always has a happy and fun filled environment. I love the freedom that this job gives me, being able to organise events with all communities from South East Wales. From the young to the elderly, meeting each person has been thoroughly enjoyable.

If you could change anything about your job, what would it be?


That there would be more financial help available. Each person I meet has different circumstances, but all require the same outcome; assistance in either getting their bills back on track, or making their home more energy efficient. There is nothing more frustrating on my part than meeting someone deserving of some assistance, but having to tell them that they do not qualify for certain schemes that are out there. I know I can’t help everyone, but it would be nice!!


How do you think your colleagues see you?

As an oompa-loompa. You know, those annoying little men that seem to pop up everywhere, singing an annoying song? Well, that’s me! Mainly found to be singing “cauliflower’s fluffy” (if you didn’t sing that in school, google it!) and not able to stop talking, I’m sure at times, they are pleased when I am out of the office at events. On the plus side, my hair isn’t green and I haven’t been attacked by a bottle of spray tan!


What is your favourite view from the office windows?

Three buildings stand out the most for me, The Market Place, The Clock Tower and St Mark’s Church at Goldtops. The Clock Tower is just an icon of Newport and the Church along from it. The Market Place makes me think of what “old” Newport must have looked like and how beautiful the buildings are in Newport when you look up. Unfortunately, the modern shops appear to be losing the character that Newport once had.



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